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Job Stress Survival Tips for Trade Show Managers and Event Planners

I came across a survey which was recently conducted by CareerCast.com which was called the Job Stress Report. It listed some of the most stressful jobs in the world, and much to my surprise, Trade Show Managers and Event Planners […]


Where will the next generation of exhibit designers 
and graphics specialists come from?

The glitz. The glam. The long hours. The skipped lunches. Missed dinners. Holidays cut short. What’s not to love about a creative career in the exhibit industry? All kidding aside, while we all make sacrifices, we can’t call it a […]


A Mix of Custom Exhibit and Modular Components Delivers Just What the Client Ordered

Team Oil Tools Tradeshow Exhibit

Team Oil Tools, a client working with DisplayWorks’ Houston facility,  was looking for an exhibit that was a little bit custom, and a little bit modular. What they got was the perfect mix for their needs as our exhibit designer […]


Revin’ Our Engines to Put Power on Display

DisplayWorks is proud to announce two new engine sectioning projects we’re working on with GE Aviation. The stars of this show are two engines, a CF6-80A and a CF6-80C2, that recently braved the trek from an outdoor field to DisplayWorks’ […]


Is This Your Digital Media?

Digital Media and Apps for Trade Shows

A shiny ball. It’s there to grab our attention. To distract and lure us toward it perhaps to mesmerize and enchant. To those of a certain age, that image of a dance floor with John Travolta and the brothers Gibb […]


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