University of Phoenix Environment
Mar 2012 / Education

University of Phoenix was looking to better tell their story at their main campus and administration facility in Tempe, AZ. They were working closely with a branding company and needed an exhibit partner to help bring their creative vision to […]

HTC Custom Exhibit
Mar 2012 / Technology

HTC was rolling out their new HTC One smart phone. The focus of this year’s CTIA exhibit was to showcase the new phone and serve as a proving ground for the amazing features of the new device. The features in […]

SkinMedica Custom Exhibit
Mar 2012 / Healthcare

SkinMedica exhibits every year at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting. In 2012 the event was held in San Diego — the home of SkinMedica — providing the perfect opportunity for the company to serve as a welcome host […]

Naked Juice Custom Exhibit
Mar 2012 / Food

Naked Juice was retiring their previous exhibit after more than six years in service. The brand image had changed and it was time for a facelift. The goal for the new exhibit was to strike a balance between an urban […]

Vizio Custom Exhibit
Jan 2012 / Consumer Electronics

At CES 2012 VIZIO was looking to change the way you think about the company and their product line up. Well known for their award-winning HDTVs — this year VIZIO was introducing an exciting new line up of personal computers […]


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