CES Exhibits 2014: 5 Things That Grabbed Our Attention


It is Friday at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the last day of CES 2014. With over 2,000,000 square feet of official convention space and countless amounts of unofficial displays, events and presentations, this was by far the biggest CES show to date. As the booths begin to break down and the 150,000 attendees shuffle off to whatever corner of the globe they came from, it is a good time to reflect on the deluge of technological wonders that we discovered as we immersed ourselves in CES exhibits for four straight days.

A look inside the plush surroundings within VIZIO's private meeting room exhibit and technology display at CES 2014

This year DisplayWorks partnered with some big players at CES who steered clear of the chaos at the convention center and instead opted to hold create beautiful and elaborate exhibits within private meeting rooms on and off site. VIZIO had a ballroom at the Wynn hotel, unveiling their 120-inch Ultra HD TV, the world’s largest to date.


Alpine Electronics Exhibit at CES 2014

Alpine took over several large meeting rooms at the convention center to display their advances in integrated car stereo systems and Asurion, a large electronics insurance company, turned a meeting room into a calm oasis where they could hold business meetings in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere amid the madness of CES.

CES Customer Activation Activity for D-Link at CES 2014

Home network providers, D-Link hosted a game show style event outside the South Hall at the convention center where they were offering up top of the line routers, baby monitors and more for contestants chosen from the crowd. HTC also had an off site presence where they could hold meetings in a more private atmosphere.

Mophie Exhibit at CES 2014

On the actual show floor DisplayWorks partnered with Mophie, who build top of the line phone and tablet cases, Doria International, a Santa Monica based mobile accessories boutique and Other World Computing, who are an online retailer of computer equipment.

XDoria Exhibit at CES

Over the next month or so we will be keeping this blog updated with thoughts and insights, photos and a general round up of what we saw and learned at this year’s convention.

Here is a list of 5 things (in no particular order) that seemed interesting to us right off the bat:

  1. Proliferation of Mobile Accessories
    Without a doubt the most ubiquitous items displayed were phone and tablet cases and covers and other mobile accessories. As far as the eye could see there was vendor after vendor proudly showcasing their specific brand of these wares.

  2. Interconnectivity
    Large brands across the board were demonstrating their ability to make smart technology out of everyday items. There is a trend toward an interconnected life that will soon have all the tools of our every day life talking to us and to each other.

  3. Electronics in the Automotive Market
    The auto industry is changing rapidly! Where once you would seldom see a vehicle even mentioned inside the show floor at CES, now the auto industry dominates large sections of floor space. The technology going into vehicles is now so connected to our other personal electronics (such as smart phones and blue tooth devices) that the vehicles themselves are becoming essential parts of the ever-evolving world of consumer electronics.

  4. Ultra High Definition TVs & Curves
    RIP 3D. There was very little mention of the recently popular technology, and in its place was a strong push toward 4K and UHD capabilities as well as curved screens for televisions and smart phones.

  5. Wearable Technology
    Wearable technology is all the rage. From baby monitors attached to diapers, to wristbands that can receive text messages while monitoring a person’s exercise routine and sleep patterns, the very things we wear are turning into the tools we use to stay connected.

As everyone has already come to expect, this year’s CES show has served its purpose of setting the tone for what we can expect consumer electronics to do in the year to come. In that capacity, the show has us feeling excited for the future and all the innovations that are sure to come with so many emerging markets and technologies within the consumer electronics industry. Check back here at the DisplayWorks blog in the coming weeks as we look into what we saw at CES, what is new and exciting and what we believe this could mean for the future of consumer electronics and the trade show industry as a whole.

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