New Interactive Media Center Debuts in DisplayWorks’ Irvine Headquarters

We recently completed a new interactive digital media center in the DisplayWorks’ facility in Irvine California. The new center is filled with working examples of digital media projects and possibilities for trade shows and beyond. Clients can easily experience the new center and gain an understanding of how digital media solutions can help them improve their marketing and sales results.

We’re featuring multi-touch programs that allow the user to move, expand and explore their way through a presentation. Lead capture and e-literature programs that capture attendees’ contact information and allows them to select electronic brochures or collateral that can quickly and easily be emailed to them rather than having to tote them home from an event. There are so many cool new ways to engage your audience while improving on existing methods of capturing attendee information and getting your product or company message out.

The new digital media center is a great way to experience firsthand what digital media can do and also a great way to get the ideas flowing … the possibilities are endless!

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