DisplayWorks Wins Event Design Award for HTC’s 2011 CTIA Exhibit

Irvine, CA – DisplayWorks LLC, a leader in design, fabrication and management of custom and modular trade show exhibits and environments today announced that the company was awarded with an Event Design Award for HTC’s 2011 exhibit at CTIA in Orlando, Florida.


HTC’s 40′ x 90′ exhibit won a Silver Award in the category of Best Modular + Custom Environment. The exhibit design was inspired by HTC’s ad campaign featuring their mobile device designer’s journals. Attention to detail covered nearly every surface of the exhibit with fun and entertaining doodle art from the HTC campaign — including some icons and captions that whimsically framed visitors as if in a real-life cartoon. Art on the walls flowed seamlessly into custom printed carpeting in each of four primary demo areas. Notes in handwritten ink called out features designed to support the lifestyle demands of unique consumer personalities — design inspired by YOU.


The booth was created with a mix of custom fabricated properties and modular components accounting for roughly one third of the floor space. Modular components were utilized to build out much of the reception and private meeting room areas. DisplayWorks’ design team introduced system components in non-traditional formats, including many horizontal assemblies to offset the very typical, vertical modular look. The result gave a more “custom look” that helped blend the system components in with the custom fabricated components while stretching the budget.


Custom fabricated components included a mix of smooth and textured laminates along with wall graphics rich in textures ranging from concrete, to recycled card stock, graph paper, to leather. Everything combined to give a very real-world, tactile feel to the environment. Four main demo areas were developed to showcase product features targeted to specialized consumer personas. The designer’s journals helped tell the story and each was individually styled with laminate and graphics to appeal to the unique persona.


Photos of the award winning exhibit can be found here: https://www.displayworks.com/portfolio?key=dw072


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