KPRC Local 2 News debuts beautiful new studio set built locally in Houston by DisplayWorks

KPRC New Broadcast Studio Set Built in Houston by DisplayWorks

Lights, camera action! There are few better ways, if any, to see the debut of a new project than watching it unveiled live on your local evening news. Months of hard work made the Sept 23rd debut of Houston’s NBC Affiliate, KPRC Local 2 News’ modern new studio set “Must See TV” for the DisplayWorks Houston team — and it’s safe to say, we weren’t the only ones with our eyes glued to the set!

Reviews of the new studio’s look flowed in on social media, via fans of the broadcast, as excited news anchors reached out early in the day to tease the set’s debut to their viewers before they took to their new stage for the first time. The sprawling 3,600+ sq ft set is decked out with modern amenities built to enhance coverage and improve the audience experience. With a clean, high-tech look, state-of-the-art video walls, an interactive weather center and multi-level stages for a variety of shooting angles, the set gives the news broadcast a big, bright, vibrant and energetic feel.
New KPRC Studio Set Exhibit Built in Houston by DisplayWorks

KPRC Local 2 New Studio Set Broadcast Desk

The new studio project began many months back. It started with an initial set design by WrightSet – who embraces a “locally grown” concept for set builds that KPRC fully supported, with the decision to produce the set right here in Houston. DisplayWorks’ local Houston facility and high-end fabrication experience earned the trust of the project team and we proudly accepted the job. Over a 5-6 week period the set came to life in our shop with its engineers, fabricators and graphics team hard at work perfecting all the beautiful details of the design.
KPRC New Studio Set Build Video Wall

To facilitate the transition to the new studio, DisplayWorks helped dismantle and relocate KPRC ‘s old studio set to a new temporary location while the new set was being installed. Our team then handled the installation of the new set on-site at KPRC over a two-week period, while completing all the fine-tuning during final testing and rehearsals.

It was an honor to work on this highly visible project and we’d like to thank KPRC for choosing to build locally in Houston and for supporting the business community. You look great on set and we’ll be tuning in for years to come!

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Take a Video Tour of the Studio Set:

See a Timelapse Video of the Complete Studio Set Installation:

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