One Small Project for DisplayWorks, One Giant Jump for Red Bull

Felix Baumgartner stood precariously on a skateboard size platform outside the door of his protective capsule in which he rose to just over 128,000 feet above the Earth. Pausing for a moment he uttered the words, “I know the whole world is watching now, and I wish the world could see what I see.” The world was watching, with over 8 million viewers on YouTube alone! It was a memorable event and will go down in history not just for the number of records that were set that day but for the efforts made by Felix, the former record holder Jim Kittinger and the entire team who supported him and the program for Red Bull energy drinks.

Red Bull Stratos Mission Control

At DisplayWorks we’ve had the pleasure of working on several exciting projects with this great client from renovating a vintage Greyhound Scenicruiser bus to a London double-decker to many other Redbull sponsored events. We are happy to have contributed a very small part in this story as well, providing temporary work surfaces for the Red Bull Stratos’ Mission Control where Joe and the team of scientists and technicians watched over every aspect of Felix’s ascent and record-breaking freefall back again. DisplayWorks would like to send their congratulations to the team at Red Bull for an accomplishment that will be remembered for decades to come and for being a brand that truly lives up to their motto, “Red Bull gives you wings”!

If you missed the jump live be sure to watch it here.

Red Bull Stratos Mission Control Display Rendering

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