High-Flying ‘Copters Drive Event Engagement and Earn Award for DisplayWorks Client

What do you get when you combine indoor and outdoor booths, airborne WiFi-controlled Quadricopters and a tech heavy setting like CES? In the case of DisplayWorks’ client Parrot SA, this combination earned an Exhibit Design Award from Exhibitor Magazine. The “Olympics” of the exhibit world, this international competition honors the world’s best trade show exhibit designs. This year, judges thought Parrot’s showing at CES was worthy of a bronze medal.


Parrot made a lasting impression at CES 2012 with two exhibits designed and produced by DisplayWorks to drive attendee engagement and create that much-desired buzz throughout the trade show floor. The 40′ x 60′ outdoor venue doubled as a hands-on demonstration space where guests could pilot their own A.R. Drone Quadricopters and also played host to the finals of the A.R. Drone Challenge competition. Here 15 competitors from nine countries around the world tested their skills against one another competing for a $5,000 grand prize and the honor of World Champion. The display was placed on a raised platform to give spectators a better view of the action. Various obstacles and towers filled the course and a large outdoor video screen carried a live feed shot during competition as well as high-energy product promos throughout the day.



By creating a spectacle that made those who weren’t flying the ‘copters stop and watch, Parrot had many opportunities to engage the CES attendees, give out product information and drive more traffic to the 30’x50’ indoor exhibit. This design featured a large net enclosure to showcase multiple A.R. Drone Quadricoptors in flight as they performed synchronized acrobatic routines set to energetic soundtracks. The display stopped show-goers in the aisle and gave reps an opportunity to engage and talk about other activities in the booth and provide a schedule of activities for the exciting outdoor A.R. Drone Challenge competition. The other areas of the booth mirrored the light open feel of the fly-zone and were designed to promote product interaction. Headphone displays hung down from overhead supports keeping floor space open and drew guests in close to mingle with reps as they tested out the products. A soundproof listening room provided another point of engagement for visitor to become immersed in a Parrot product demonstration.

parrot_exhibit_ces_4 parrot_exhibit_ces_5 Parrot Trade Show Exhibit at CES

For Exhibitor Magazine’s full article on this project and award, click here.

DisplayWorks congratulates Parrot on their success and looks forward to more successful feats in the future.

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