Where will the next generation of exhibit designers 
and graphics specialists come from?

The glitz. The glam. The long hours. The skipped lunches. Missed dinners. Holidays cut short. What’s not to love about a creative career in the exhibit industry? All kidding aside, while we all make sacrifices, we can’t call it a thankless business. We take great pride in the work we do and get great satisfaction in seeing a project’s success lead to happy clients. It’s a creative business — and it can be fascinating to be part of. Where else can you see an idea — one that may have began as a simple sketch on a cocktail napkin — rise above the floor before you, larger than life, just a few weeks later. Are you sold yet?

We recently had an opportunity to welcome a class of designers from Chapman University in for a tour of our full-service exhibit facility in Irvine. It was a chance for these students to see firsthand how some creative concepts were coming to life for some big projects we were working on for CTIA and the ICSC show.

Whether you’re new to the exhibit design and build process or not — our tours provide an interesting glimpse into each phase of the process that our projects go through. The Chapman design students had a chance to meet with our graphics manager and 3D design director to gain insight into the roles within each department and to give them an idea of how they might fit in with a career in the field. Next, from design to dimension, the students were able to tour the shop where several large exhibits were nearing completion with graphics being installed and our fabricators putting on other finishing touches.

It was nice to see some fresh new faces around the office and we were happy to share with the local community a little glimpse of what we do. We had a few students inquire about internships — so, the good news is, we didn’t scare them all off. The future of the industry is in good hands!

Exhibit Design Tour

Exhibit Design Tour

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