Is This Your Digital Media?

Digital Media and Apps for Trade Shows

A shiny ball. It’s there to grab our attention. To distract and lure us toward it perhaps to mesmerize and enchant. To those of a certain age, that image of a dance floor with John Travolta and the brothers Gibb all reaching superstardom using a rotating one is enduring. Today, a visitor only has to walk down an isle in most trade show settings to witness the various shiny balls being employed. Each trying to out shine the next. Bigger, brighter, louder… think shock and awe, but where is the message? After the show, how can we be sure that message was received? How are we able to demonstrate that our marketing goals were met?


Too often the first consideration in the marketing effort is employing the latest trend and most requested technology with message delivery having to fit into the mix. Bigger monitors, video walls, virtual reality and tablets improperly deployed can easily dilute or compete with your message. Wouldn’t it be better to know exactly how the message was received and where specific interests lie?


Let’s approach our marketing effort differently.


We’ll start with the message and use the available technology to engage and educate each of those valuable booth visitors. By creating a more collaborative environment the user can express their interests and we’re able to deliver user defined content. Our booth visitor is now able to initiate a marketing message tailored to their specific needs and challenges without the glare of the shiny ball.


What about ensuring that our marketing goals are being met?


By using interactive programing created with our available technology we can show our results. Having the ability to capture each visitor’s response to our marketing content we’ll know where to focus our message and, using the metrics provided, measure our success and identify the areas of need. We now have a clear understanding of our efforts and accomplishments.


A shiny ball is appropriate for the dance floor not the trade show floor.

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