Design Blog Entry: T Minus One and Still Counting

Welcome to this first blog entry of many more to come focused on all things related to design and, more often than not, most specifically design in our universe of tradeshows.


When contemplating how I might launch this mission into its infinite orbit around DisplayWorks’ sphere of creative affluence I concluded that this very final number in the countdown — One — might be the best place to start, especially in light of a current notable project in which we were most recently privileged to participate — the North American launch of the HTC One, HTC’s newest and most amazing mobile device.


This device truly deserves a design blog entry all its own, just to speak to its elegant form factor and premium materials, not to mention its amazing camera and authentic sound. I was blown away, no pun intended, when I tried it out while we conducted some initial testing with well-known bubble artist Deni Yang who starred as HTC’s in-booth photo subject to help demonstrate the camera’s continuous shooting capability.


The HTC One truly is amazing. Even as I write this I think back on the culmination of all of our creative efforts leading up to the exhibit shipping to New Orleans for its unveiling at the CTIA Wireless Show. What an experience was! It also deserves its own blog entry. If you’ve been around this business very long you know that being a part of an exciting new product launch like this is usually not without its challenges and you have to be ready to react to change.


One change that both HTC and the DW creative team were able to react to was moving to a new booth location when another major mobile device company dropped out of the show leaving a massive void in the middle of New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center and opening up a piece of prime marketing real estate. This booth move altered the exhibit’s floorplan and could have been next to impossible, given that production had already begun, but it was seamlessly executed thanks to the well-orchestrated efforts of HTC and DW’s tight knit account, design and production teams. The result was a move to a prime location that gave our client much greater exposure and an uncompromised exhibit design. Don’t believe me? You be the judge. Check out these photos from the show and look for a complete review on this project an upcoming blog entry!


HTC Booth at CTIA Wireless 2012HTC One at CTIA Wireless

HTC Car Application Demo Display at CTIA Wireless HTC One Bubble Art Camera DemoHTC Soundroom Experience at CTIA Wireless

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