The Proof is in the iLounge: DisplayWorks-designed booth awarded “Best in Show” at CES 2013

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) always features the newest and hottest tech gadgets around. LifeProof – a DisplayWorks client and up-and-coming industry leader of mobile device covers – did just that. However, they managed to feature their hottest iPad and iPhone protective cases in such a creative way that made—a local online authority for all things Apple—stop in their tracks, and award the booth “Best of Show” at CES 2013.

CES LifeProof Booth Best in Show by iLounge

The DisplayWorks-designed 40’ x 40’ custom island rental made great use of its space on the show floor as well as provided CES attendees with a chance to see LifeProof products in action. The exhibit used multiple vignettes to showcase completely submerged iPads and iPhones in water or blocks of ice, proving how well LifeProof’s protective cases work in real-life situations. Large format graphics, dress-up costumes, in-booth blogging opportunities as well as photo-ops for attendees and media added to the already interactive and tactical exhibit.

CES LifeProof Booth Best in Show by iLounge

“While it’s not the flashiest booth at CES, LifeProof’s was the most thoughtfully ‘on point’ of any we saw,” said iLounge Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Horwitz. “Stations and exhibits effectively show off how the company’s cases can be subjected to harsh conditions, ranging from dunks in liquid to blocks of ice, and work in different real-life situations. Very effective at building additional trust and recognition for a growing brand.”

CES LifeProof Booth Ice Display

DisplayWorks congratulates LifeProof at their achievement at this year’s CES and the recognition they were given by We look forward to many more successful partnerships in the future.

CES LifeProof Booth Activities

CES LifeProof Booth Sand Demonstration Display

See the full story at iLounge.

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