DisplayWorks Exhibit Built for HTC at CTIA Featured in Event Marketer

The concept of the whiteboard found a new application in the design of this exhibit, which was “quietly brilliant,” just as the brand’s tagline professes. From the vertical surfaces to furniture and carpeting, the flow of white was interrupted by ideas penned in a freestyle font. If you happened to approach the exhibit from the back, the message in the same friendly handwriting informed you that the best was around the corner. The anchor and the focal point of the exhibit was a colorful wall that showcased the company’s devices and accessories, each represented in a square display. At the beginning of the show, some of them were covered with a piece of paper that said, “No peeking! Come back soon.” to drum up interest for the devices to be unveiled. Multiple conversation areas dotted the open footprint, but instead of rented barstools, attendees could take a breather on strategically positioned white benches and couches with a phone in hand. Agencies: Deutsch/LA, Los Angeles; Displayworks, Irvine, CA.

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