Get Your Motor Runnin’ — DisplayWorks and Beckman Coulter Transform Semi-Truck into Mobile Laboratory

If you see a fully loaded laboratory-on-wheels passing through your neighborhood, do not fear: It is just Beckman Coulter’s Life Sciences division, bringing the latest and greatest in instrumentation to scientists, laboratory directors and technicians on their “Discovery in Motion” tour.  This coast to coast 50+ city excursion brings Beckman Coulter front and center with potential clients, giving them up close and personal access to live product demonstrations and one-on-one time with members of the Life Sciences team.  In order to make this possible, Beckman teamed up with DisplayWorks and together we embarked on their mission of transforming a Volvo semi-truck conversion into their own personal branded (and mobile) laboratory.  In July of 2012, this semi-truck’s exterior and interior were completely retrofitted to serve as a mobile marketing tool as well the focal point for the “Discovery in Motion” tour.

The inside of the truck was stripped down and reconfigured with new wall and flooring surfaces, custom cabinets, lighting and fixtures. The new interior was then fitted with state-of-the-art laboratory instrumentation including Centrifugation, Flow Cytometry and Liquid Handling equipment as well as touch screens for presentations, allowing Beckman Coulter to carry through on their promise of “bringing the lab to you.”  The exterior was fitted with colorful custom graphics that serve as a mobile billboard to promote the tour and the Life Sciences division of the company.

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DisplayWorks enjoyed the complexity and originality of this project, and congratulates Beckman Coulter on the success of their multi-city journey.  We can’t wait to learn where this laboratory-on-wheels will show up next!

To learn more about the “Discovery in Motion” tour, view tour dates and to see more great photos of the truck on tour, please visit

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