When your budget gives you lemons … make lemonade … and other tradeshow advice I learned along the way.

According to the Exhibitor Media Group, in their 2012 study of over 300 Marketing / Tradeshow Exhibit Managers, more than two thirds will either have their budgets stay the same or be decreased this year. Unfortunately, as most of us know, the pressure to produce more with less seems to never end. Managing your tradeshow expenses can challenge even the most seasoned manager. It’s a juggling act that never stops.

Here’s a peek from the survey on how your dollars are spent.

Trade show exhibit budgets

Looking for ways to get back in control?
Look to your exhibit design. It’s possible that the 11% of your tradeshow budget  allocated to your booth design and build can help reduce overall costs and make the other portions of your spend more effective. Effective exhibit design, strategy and production takes into consideration the whole picture, to save you money in the long run.

Here are some things to consider to maximize your tradeshow exhibit investment:

  • Seek a booth design that is flexible and can reconfigure to all the booth sizes on your show schedule
  • Speak clearly with booth graphics that effectively communicate your message. You have only seconds to influence prospects that walk into your booth. Make it count.
  • Leverage multimedia in your exhibit and other digital media tools built specifically for tradeshows  to reduce the amount of product and literature you pay to print and ship to every show.
  • All booths, from custom to modular, can be optimized to be as lightweight as possible, and efficiently crated to minimize shipping and material handling costs.
  • Good engineering, construction and proper set-up drawings can smooth the installation and dismantle of your booth and save you labor dollars, show after show.

Keeping the above points in mind will help you maximize your exhibit dollar. If you’re ready to take a fresh look at your tradeshow booth and exhibit program, we’re always here to help. The busy show season is just around the corner.

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