4 benefits to increasing your digital presence at the next trade show

The dynamic world of digital with its constantly shifting parameters can be daunting to many companies, especially when it comes to integrating digital into their trade show booth experience. Most trade show attendees are expecting some level of digital interaction these days, even if it’s as simple as a badge scan or a lead generation application. Digital strategies hold a goldmine of opportunity and can provide positive affects not only to your carbon footprint, but also your bottom line.

Digital Strategies for Trade Shows

Below is a set of benefits to consider when integrating a digital experience into your booth.

1. More flexibility
Digital media affords you greater possibilities for success with nimble timelines and budgets. Updates are quicker and can be made in real time. Your content is easier to discover online and can reach a wider audience, even years later.

2. Reduce your carbon footprint
There’s no need to print, pack and ship brochures or sell sheets, and that means less waste of materials and marketing dollars. E-literature applications can house all of your collateral digitally and interact with your CRM system to share it.

3. Analytics
In the digital world, everything can be tracked. At the show, you can track interactions and engagements with your digital collateral or social media. Findings can be used to generate your big data strategy for future communications and shows, plus track your ROI.

4. Create memorable experiences for your audience
Digital provides portable capabilities and interactive experiences. Attendees don’t have to lug around literature, they can interact directly with your collateral through tablets and phones to share with others on the trade show floor or beyond. Touch screen programs and digital 3D models can add a strong visual and tactile element of interactivity, while real time social media hashtags and giveaways can make the booth a fun and interactive environment.

Ultimately, you need to assess if these benefits integrate well with your show and your company’s strategies. Today, most people are expecting digital interaction at a trade show whether it’s through a social network, your website or an application. Adding a digital experience or increasing your digital presence to your next trade show could serve as a value-added compliment to your physical presence and brand recognition.

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