DisplayWorks’ Digital Media Team Digitizes Chevron AIDS Quilts

DisplayWorks’ client Chevron has been an active crusader against HIV and AIDS for over 25 years, raising not only funds but also awareness towards these viruses. Since 1993, employees from Chevron offices all over the world have been banding together for the cause by creating over 13 hand-sewn quilts, each telling its own story of remembrance, survival and hope for a cure. These quilts stand as a memorial and a true work of art meant to educate the masses and raise HIV/AIDS awareness throughout the world.

In August 2012, Chevron approached DisplayWorks with a dilemma – how do they display these beautiful, meaningful quilts and tell each of their stories at trade shows and events? How do they pay homage to the hard work and dedication that went into each quilt? DisplayWorks had the answer–digitize them.

DisplayWorks’ dynamic digital media team turned each of the quilts, their background stories and the special meanings behind each one into an iPad application, so that Chevron employees could show them off at any event of their choosing in a much more sensible and portable way.

Chevron was thrilled with the end result, and has even used the iPad App at two shows already. DisplayWorks was proud to be a part of this extraordinary project and congratulates Chevron on all of their efforts towards this significant cause.

Chevron AIDS Quilt iPad App


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