DisplayWorks “Nails” It: In-booth activity featured in Exhibitor Magazine

A jar full of nails and a unique spin on a guessing game was enough to spark the interest of Exhibitor Magazine, who mentioned DisplayWorks’ in-booth activity for HCEA in the “Ideas that Work” section of their December 2012 issue.

As part of our philanthropic efforts, we built a playhouse to be donated to the Children’s Center at the University of New Orleans. In order to enhance the spirit of giving as well as draw in more traffic to our booth at the 2010 Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association Annual Meeting, we invited the attendees of the show to actively participate in this charitable cause.

We sent out a pre-show mailer indicating that there would be a jar filled with an unidentified amount of nails on display at the DisplayWorks booth and urged show attendees to come and make a guess as to the amount.  The playhouse would then be donated to the Children’s Center in the name of the person whose guess was closest to the actual number of nails.

A game-winning guess came in at 434; there were 439 nails in the jar!  The name behind this lucky guess was featured on a commemorative plaque that was attached to the playhouse before it made the journey to New Orleans.

Read more about this “Idea that Worked”, at Exhibitor Online here.


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