Trade Show exhibit design - Asurion
Bringing the Dream Exhibit Escape to Life
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Custom Exhibit
Jan 2014 / Insurance

Asurion came to DisplayWorks with an ambitious vision to create the perfect oasis of peace and serenity within the Las Vegas Convention Center during the always chaotic International Consumer Electronics Show. Their design concept was beautiful and called for materials and surfaces not commonly used in temporary trade show environments. Adding to the challenge — the 70’x80’ exhibit had to be built within the tight confines of a convention center meeting room, as opposed to the expansive freedom of the large show halls.


Working closely with Asurion and their Agency, our design and engineering team helped translate their vision into reality with a creative rework of their concept that allowed the integrity of their design to remain intact while we adjusted to accommodate their budget and a build strategy that could be effectively executed in the tight meeting space.


The final exhibit fabrication was breath taking. From its dramatic long entrance to the open and revealing sightlines that were unveiled as you walked in. Large video walls brought the space to life while a central, visually striking hub drew your eyes toward the center of the room where a hospitality station served show weary guests. Several private and well-appointed conference rooms lined the exterior of the space. Elegant details including sliding glass doors, with frosted inlays and stainless steel hardware gave the conference rooms a sophisticated and high-tech feel.


The beautiful meeting room served as the perfect space to host Asurion guests at the show and gave customers a reason to both visit and return throughout the show, so Asurion was able to maximize their time with all of their key people in town for CES. 

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