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Seeing is Believing
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Custom Exhibit
Mar 2012 / Technology

HTC was rolling out their new HTC One smart phone. The focus of this year’s CTIA exhibit was to showcase the new phone and serve as a proving ground for the amazing features of the new device. The features in focus – Amazing Camera, Authentic Sound and Premium Design — were all set to be highlighted interactive hands-on demos throughout the booth.
In order to highlight the quality of the phone’s camera, attendees were given the chance to test the device’s ability to capture a moving object—both with video, bursts of photos, and the ability to capture a still photo while recording video simultaneously. In order to do this, two unique performers took to the stage—a rhythmic, interpretive dancer and a well-known bubble artist—allowing attendees to compare their own personal devices with the HTC One. In addition, the back wall of the exhibit featured an “Amazing Camera” section, with dozens of eclectic picture frames of various sizes displaying colorful photos actually taken by the HTC One. Just below the display, HTC One phones were tethered; above each phone was an empty frame with a green matte that marked an opening into a portal inside the wall. Inside, colorful glass and small sculptures provided attendees with a subject in low light, that they could reach in and photograph with the HTC One and their own phone so they could physically see the difference in quality.
To highlight the excellent sound quality of the HTC One, several demo listening stations featured tethered devices connected to Beats Audio headphones, where users could test the new sound features themselves. Groups of attendees were also welcomed into a soundproof audio demo room where HTC reps led demonstrations that showcased the HTC One capability to integrate with a home audio system.
A portion of the exhibit was also dedicated to showcasing the design of the phone and the unique materials that were used in its manufacturing, including a step-by-step display that housed six various stages of building the body of the device—from a single piece of aluminum, through a microarc oxidation process, before arriving at the final finished shell of the phone. The use of actual cases in various stages of production, along with graphic descriptions and an accompanying video, combined to tell a compelling story of HTC’s commitment to premium design.

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