Trade Show exhibit design - Ossur
"Another Winner! Best 10' x 20' Modular Award"
Trade Show exhibit design - Ossur - alt image 1
Modular Exhibit
Jan 2008 / Healthcare

Ossur, a company building its reputation on scientifically-proven designs, asked DisplayWorks to design a 10′ x 20′ exhibit that had the look and feel of a custom booth, but the benefits of a modular booth. This exhibit combined easy set-up and dismantle, light weight construction to minimize shipping cost, and simple booth reconfiguration so the display could be broken down to (2) 10′ x 10′ displays. DisplayWorks won the 2008 Mod Awards for this exhibit, the industry’s preeminent awards competition for modular exhibit design for best 10′ x 20′ exhibit design.

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