Trade Show exhibit design - Toshiba
"Toshiba welcomes the world at RSNA"
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Custom Exhibit
Nov 2011 / Healthcare

At their biggest show of the year Toshiba Medical worked with DisplayWorks to transform 20,000 sq ft of prime floor space into one of the most welcoming and accommodating product showcases at RSNA. Toshiba’s exhibit greeted attendees along the main aisle with open arms. A wide path of show carpet flowed right into the exhibit space, leading visitors into the heart of the booth. An aisle-facing stage allowed Toshiba’s spokespeople to get up-close-and-personal with their live presentations, a new alternative to their seated theatre, usually held within the booth. Throughout the exhibit, Toshiba’s imaging equipment was easily accessible — set up at floor level, with no barriers, no platforms, nothing to keep attendees away from standing beside them as they would in a clinical setting.
Toshiba continued their trend of embracing all things digital in their exhibit space, to give attendees a dynamic and very personalized experience. A large overhead digital canvas streamed breaking news and product messaging, sweeping through the booth as part of Toshiba’s signature red fabric banner, which has been an instantly recognizable staple of their brand on the show floor for years. Demo stations featured Toshiba’s Thrive Tablets, providing interactive product demos, while interactive e-literature kiosks offered attendees the opportunity to have specific product info immediately emailed to them.

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