Trade Show exhibit design - X-Doria International
Putting Personality on Display at CES
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X-Doria International
Custom Exhibit
Jan 2014 / Consumer Electronics

At the 2014 CES convention, mobile accessory fans enjoyed hallway after hallway of accessory options for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices with fashionable trends, styles, and designs.


Amid the competition – one company stood out with their well-designed and innovative products. X-Doria International, based in Santa Monica, CA. offers unique, energetic designs that reflect brilliant sunset hues and ocean scenes and are a reminder that phone accessorizing should be fun and creative. The 20’x40’ island exhibit created a sense of warmth and serenity while setting X-Doria apart from the rest of the accessory companies at CES.

The exhibit design evolved from a promotional image of the beach that the client provided. It was decided that the design would be based on the southern-California beach lifestyle that strongly influences the X-Doria brand. Working closely with the client, DisplayWorks incorporated these bold branding images into the context of the display. The exhibit was intentionally oriented at a 90-degree angle to achieve the ultimate usage of the island space. In an effort to meet the client’s budget, the design team opted to not use the traditional reception counter and instead added triangle display pods for accessories.

Small details such as succulent plants were added to the workstations to create warmth and interest. The center tower was finished in a rather unconventional way. Instead of using real wood, which is heavy and not very durable, or wood laminate, which wouldn’t have the plank details, vinyl flooring was used on the tower.

Utilizing Southern California as a rich source of inspiration for the backdrops, X-Doria snapped some candid photos of models as they strolled along Venice Beach, capturing the landmarks and natural surroundings. Hence, visitors from all over the world escaped from the chaos of mobile accessory mayhem at CES 2014 and were able to enjoy this stylish, dynamic exhibit, which captured the warmth and beauty of Southern California’s culture.

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