Displays find new life at the Discovery Science Center

Every display must retire some day — but there are some you just can’t let go of. One set of space-aged display cases held a special place in DisplayWorks’ hearts, but after years of being shuffled around the warehouse and never hitting the show floor it was time for them to move on.
Rather than sending these displays to the recycle bin, DisplayWorks’ Sr. Designer, Jeff Spitler, heard of a potential home for the unique cases while doing volunteer work at our local animal shelter. A fellow volunteer who donates time to The Discovery Science Center provided the tip that eventually lead the displays to their new home.
DisplayWorks was happy to donate the display cases and they were quickly put to use as part of the Discovery Science Center’s Bug Invasion Experience. It was a match made in heaven and the displays looked like the perfect custom fit housing large centipedes, ladybugs, scorpions and other great insect sculptures. We were glad to see the displays go to a good home and look forward to seeing them in future exhibits, educating the kids (and adults) for years to come at the Discovery Science Center.



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